Ford Bronco

Why “Scrappy Green Truck”?

We’re often asked why the company is named Scrappy Green Truck and that’s a long answer…long enough to bore you or made short enough for a blog post! So sit back, grab your popcorn, and get ready to be entertained!

Naming your business is like naming your baby (seriously). This is a big deal! It’s how people will know you and remember you. We couldn’t name the business “business” much like I named my first dog “Boy” (betcha can’t guess why?!?! *sigh* I am obviously not the clever one in the family). At any rate, we were trying to think of words that meant strong, independent, and clever; a name like “The Artful Dodger,” that immediately instills a picture in your mind. I’m not sure who first said it, I’m happy to take the credit, but someone said, “You know, like scrappy.” And that was it.

Scrappy means not just the car: a hot rod or rat rod that’s been meticulously put together with scrap pieces and scrap metal that’s been fabricated to make this perfect machine, but also a person: a young adult that’s been given a raw deal and has scrapped together a life that could really go somewhere if given an opportunity.

We desperately wanted to name the business Scrappy but, unfortunately, already exists (check it out, it’s a scrap metal yard. They kind of named their business “business” in this instance…or maybe I’m just bitter). Rather than give up on the name Scrappy or try to purchase the .com, we decided to keep looking for a way to use Scrappy and have it really work for us. And that’s when we realized that all our trucks are green. We have a green Bronco and a green Blazer (both of which we hope to fix up and giveaway one of these days) and a beat up old green pickup truck. The universe was obviously sending us a sign: Scrappy Green Truck.

We have the perfect name: one that has thought and meaning behind it and that sticks with you. Our next step is to work it into something clever like, “Stay Scrappy San Diego,” but that’s another creative meeting for another time.