Daimler DS 420

What’s a Daimler DS 420?

We were at the Automobile Heritage Car Show a few months ago and saw a beautiful car we’d never seen before. We took a couple pictures and threw them up on our Instagram and asked our followers if they knew what it was. Thanks to Simon Cooper, aka: @ciderjunkie , we found out it is a Daimler DS 420. We wanted to know more and figured you would too. Here’s what we found out.

Is it a Chrysler?

No. Even though it’s a Daimler DS 420, this was Daimler before it was Daimler-Chrysler; they were produced from 1968 until 1992. In fact, this car is more Jaguar than anything else. The engineering is 100% Jaguar and the engine is a straight-six Jaguar XK, although it’s a 4.2 litre version. They were only offered in automatic; sorry all you manual lovers. Surprisingly, these vehicles are raced though! Even without a stick shift…who knew?

It’s a Race Car?

Well, yes and no. These vehicles have been raced, but as we said, they were only made as automatics. The manuals say they can do 0-50 in 9.2 seconds and a standing quarter mile in 19.5 seconds. Their top speed is 110 mph. So, yes, they can be raced, but they aren’t really a race car. In fact, the main purpose of the vehicle is as a limousine or hearse. We went from thinking we’d never seen one of these before to realizing they’re everywhere! These vehicles have been used in movies, like James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies and Oceans 12, and there were several of them televised in the funeral of Princess Diana. Odds are: you’ve seen one and not noticed.

How Do I recognize One? Can I Buy One?

These vehicles are very distinctive but the number one thing is the “D” which can be found on the hood and on the wheels (check out the picture at the top of the blog and the other picture below). Yes, these vehicles are being sold by private collectors as well as on ebay. We found a 1985 version with very low mileage for only $55,000. Considering that these cars were 100% hand-made, that’s a pretty stellar deal.

Daimler DS 420 Wheel
Daimler DS 420 Wheel

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