Scrappy Shop Opening Soon

We are so excited to announce that our shop will be opening soon! There is so much involved with getting a shop up and running from picking a credit card processing company, finding your merchandise, fine tuning said merchandise, figuring out pricing that allows you to raise the funds you need to support underprivileged youth, getting the item descriptions loaded into the online database, and getting photos of the products! It’s a long process and we have a newfound and hefty respect for all online retailers.

While all the stuff that goes into getting a shop set up is less than glamorous we were surprised at how much fun the photo shoot portion was. We were lucky enough to snag a super cutie patooty named Jeremy Manley as our male model. Jeremy just so happens to be adorable and an incredible cook. This young man is a Cordon Bleu chef, under thirty, with his own fantastic restaurant. You can totally cyber stock him here.

At any rate, we are so grateful he took the time to come model for us and we encourage you to check out all his cheeky photos, like this one, when our shop opens soon:

Jeremy in our hat

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UPDATE: Shop is now open! Check it out: Shop!