Lake of the Woods

Scrappy Family Adventure 2018: Part Three

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All caught up? Great! While travelling all over California and Oregon we saw some amazing sights and met some amazing people. One of those awesome people is our bank manager, Lori. While we were travelling we were hiding our #scrappyrocks and Lori happened to find the one we left at her bank.


We were hiding rocks everywhere…and forgetting to hide rocks sometimes, too. Whenever we leave a rock we post a picture to our Facebook group so people know where to look to find the rock but so far, all the rocks have been found by happenstance rather than geocachers. Join our group and get in on the fun! Join here.

Anyway, we wanted to post some more pictures of the amazing places we went and encourage all of you to visit them too. This is Cultus Lake, Oregon:
Cultus Lake

This is Lake of the Woods, Oregon:
Lake of the Woods

This is on Jerry’s Jet Boat Tours in Gold Beach, Oregon (specifically we were on the Rogue River):
Rogue River

And no, not everything we did was in the water…although most of it was. We also saw the redwoods in Klamath, California:
Klamath, CA

A whole month of travelling in our new-to-us travel trailer and we realized we don’t have a name for it/her/him. And since we’re terrible at naming things*, we need help. With that in mind, we’ll be starting a Facebook naming contest on July 5, 2018. To get in on the fun, visit us on FaceBook.

*no seriously our kid didn’t get a name until he was two or three months old

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