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Scrappy Family Adventure 2018: Part One

Back when the Little Love was the Baby Love, the pre-Scrappy family went on the trip of a lifetime. We went through Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana on a one month adventure. You can see a family portrait taken at Yellowstone here.

That was the best month of our entire lives and we’ve been wanting to venture forth again but haven’t had a chance until now. Before we get to that, a little about that first trip…

We had a six month old “colic” baby for whom we limited our diet to basically all organic chicken and turkey. The end. The elimination diet certainly helped with the colic and would absolutely be the first thing we’d do if we were ever in a similar situation, but it’s definitely not fun. In fact, between all the issues of having a beautiful new baby including overproduction, underproduction, lip and tongue tie, thrush, mastitis…well, you get the idea, with all those difficulties we were running very short on exuberance for life. And that’s where the ever amazing Sweet Love came up with the idea to purchase a friends trailer.

Travel Trailer
*Funny side note: these are not my legs, they are Auntie Jamie’s but I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t notice the tattoo is different. Ha!*

That trailer was our home for one month. And it was perfect…-ish. Okay, here’s the thing, between that trailer and a tent I’d pick that trailer any day, but to be honest, the beds were in the popouts so each time we made camp we had to popout the bed frames, set the posts, drag out the tent cover part and secure it at the bottom, go inside and push up the tent holder thingie (that’s totally the technical term for it), put up the cushions, and make the bed. Every.Single.Time. That got old after the first week and we were over it by the end of the month. And still, we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

The trailer was the perfect size: we slept on one bed with the Baby Love and the dogs slept on the other bed. The shower was too tiny for the Sweet Love to turn around in, but we almost always used the campground showers anyway (unlimited hot water anyone?). The little kitchen couldn’t have been better even though we did the majority of our cooking on our rad portable grill. We loved that sweet little travel trailer and thanks to it, we got to see some amazing things; like these fantastic rock formations in Utah:

Rock Formations in Utah
*The Sweet Love as Atlas*

We got to go on some spectacular hikes, like this one in Colorado:

Hiking in Colorado
*The Sunshine babywearing 4TW*

And most importantly, the Baby Love started to come around. We began to eat a slightly larger variety of food (although still no dairy, sugar, eggs, soy, or wheat). We were out hiking every morning and taking family naps every afternoon. We were finally gelling as a family; instead of crying 22 hours a day, the Baby Love was showing his phenomenal smile:

Picture of Baby

Even without the adventures we were having, that smile alone was worth all the bed making and all the fails:

Broken axle
*Axle Fail. Ugh.*

Fast forward to 2018 and the Scrappy Family is ready to take on a new adventure. We’ve upgraded our trailer (still used but new-to-us):

Our New Happy Place

And we’ve got our destinations in mind. We’re going gold mining in Oregon and California!

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