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I Want To Help, But…

How often have you said to yourself or someone else, “I’d love to hep but I just don’t have the (insert reason: time, money, resources, etc).” We hear this all the time. And there’s nothing wrong with it. Everyone is busy. Everyone has:

  • a job (or multiple jobs)
  • a family
  • friends
  • a home to maintain, etc.

In other words, everyone has commitments and there is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of when you know your priorities.

Our Struggle

Before we made a business out of donating our time and money, we worked for other businesses and we had to decide how much time and money we had to donate. Sometimes there is no time: my job was salaried and taking serious advantage, my family missed me and I couldn’t add anything to my schedule, etc. At those times, we donated money. Sometimes there is no money: my husband was in construction but it was slow, I’d quit my job when the baby was born because maternity leave was far too short, etc. At those times, we donated time. We always found a way to meet our personal values of giving, but it wasn’t easy.

We’ve Made It Easy

One of our goals in building Scrappy Green Truck is to give people who are in the same places we were a way to meet their personal values of giving, and make it easy. Here’s how it works:

Shop Hero Hot Rod Graphic

The entire process starts when you purchase something from our shop. Your purchase does two things simultaneously: enters you into our current hot rod giveaway AND funds career training for underprivileged young adults. When you make a purchase in the Scrappy Shop you are making a commitment to your personal values of giving. And we are making a commitment to you: we will keep you up to date on where exactly your money goes. If you spend $5 we want you to know that $5 helped a young man buy a tool kit for his Master Mechanic Course. If you spend $50 we want you to know that $50 helped a young woman enroll in a pinstriping class. These are just very simple examples of what your money can do. When you purchase something from our shop we promise to send you newsletters that provide much more detail rich information about exactly where your money went. We also promise to provide you with updates as we receive them. You’ve just made a difference in someones life and you deserve to know exactly what a hero you are!

Get Started Now

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*Not everyone who shops will win a hot rod. When you shop you receive automatic entries into the current hot rod giveaway based upon the amount you spend.