Shop a Shirt, Fund a Future, Drive a Dream

How It Works

We often encounter the rather suspicious question, “How do you raise money for underprivileged young adults by giving away a hot rod?” We get it: it doesn’t make sense. How do you raise money by giving something away? It all works because of you, and here’s how:

You shop for merchandise in our store. Maybe you decide you need a new water bottle. Or maybe there’s a special birthday, holiday, or anniversary coming up and you just know the person you buy one of our hats for will not only love the scrappy truck logo but will also be thrilled that the purchase of said hat helped a young adult make their dreams come true. Your purchase automatically enters you in a chance to win our current giveaway vehicle. Technically you’ve already won: you got some killer swag and as a bonus you may get the hot rod of your dreams. And it gets better.

Your purchase, no matter how large or how small, will make an enormous impact in the life of a young adult. For each of our giveaways, we partner with a nonprofit whose mission is to assist underprivileged young adults whether it be kiddos in the foster system who are aging out, kids who’ve been granted legal early emancipation, or kids from at risk communities. For each giveaway we will tell you all about the awesome nonprofit you’re helping and we’ll be giving you as many specifics about where your money is going as possible.

The bottom line: you get cool swag, you might get a hot rod, and you’re the hero/heroine in a young adults life. You rock!