How Exactly Your Purchase Helps

How Exactly Your Purchase Helps

Have you ever made a donation or a purchase that’s supposed to help with some cause but then you never hear back from the organization doing the fundraising? That’s a huge pet peeve of ours. Thankfully many organizations are improving in this arena, and we are one of them. Every purchase you make from the Scrappy Shop funds career training for underprivileged young adults. So how exactly does that work?

We send out four newsletters a year and in them we detail not only where funds from each giveaway went, but also updates as we learn more about how the money is being used and the results being achieved. Sound complicated? Let’s use a pretend example to make it clear.

You purchase a mug and a hat from our Shop during a giveaway for the hot rod of your dreams, let’s say it’s a 1968 Mustang Fastback (although if we ever had one of those we’d probably keep it, cause talk about dream car *swoon*). Let’s say that in that giveaway we’ve chosen to assist young Timmy who just turned 18 and got kicked out of foster care. He knows he wants to be a mechanic because he’s always loved cars. You may want to know if he ever learned to become a mechanic, and if so, what he’s doing now? That’s where our newsletters will keep you posted.

Each time one of our newsletters hits your email you’ll get updated info on our giveaways as we get them. So if Timmy finished mechanic training and opened a shop, you’ll know. If Timmy’s using his shop to help other young adults learn about cars and decide if they want to be mechanics, too, you’ll know. We promise to keep you updated on all our contributions so you always know exactly where your money went so you will always feel like a hero…because you are.

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