Parade Ratrod

Fourth of July 2018

We were lucky to spend the Fourth of July in Julian, CA this year. Julian is a beautiful little mountain town just outside of San Diego and they boast the “Greatest Little Town Parade in America.” We saw so many cool rides and below is just a sampling. You can check out more on our Instagram or Facebook.

The parade started with some really cool military vehicles, like this vintage truck

Military Truck

It also included the San Diego Miata club and some other killer roadsters


There was the expected small town tractor


As well as the unexpected ratrod


A cool hotrod


And an old “wagon”


And while this technically wasn’t a car show, but a parade, it was amazing how many awesome rides we saw



What parade would be complete without fire trucks?

Fire Truck

Vintage Fire Truck

And lest we forget the horse drawn carriage


There was so much more to this parade than we’ve shown here: mariachi bands, marching bands, floozies, old bi-plane flyovers, and many many more fire trucks. It was truly a remarkable parade and if you’re ever in the area we hope you’ll attend. You can find out more information about Julian here.