At Scrappy Green Truck we give two kinds of contributions:

1) Individual Scholarships: underprivileged young adults making the transition into adulthood who need some monetary support

2) Organization Grants: non-profits and companies that make it their business to assist underprivileged young adults transitioning into adulthood

Contributions are awarded to the applicant that best embodies Scrappy’s mission and are based on need and merit. Our ideal candidates may not be cut out for the typical path to adulthood, show strong community involvement, and believe in strong family bonds. Remember, family is many things, not just who we are born into; If you’re chosen for a Scrappy contribution you’re part of the family and we want to see you at the next reunion.

To apply please complete the appropriate form below. If you require additional space, please email us.

Click Here for the Individual Scholarship Application

Click Here for the Organization Grant Application