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One of the best parts of running a business is meeting new people. We get to meet great representatives from other businesses, fantastic volunteers and hard working employees at nonprofits, and unbelievably cool car owners at car shows. We love getting to know new people who can become new friends. One of our favorite ways …

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If you can dream it, you can do it - Walt Disney

In Thirty Years

We’ve all heard the stories. The famous people who’ve done amazing things who always say, “I never imagined it could be like this,” with starry eyes and a hashtag-blessed-grin. I’m a sucker for these stories. I love anything coming-of-age or memoir or life-lesson. I love the hurdles met and jumped. I love the happy ending. …

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Shop a Shirt, Fund a Future, Drive a Dream

How It Works

We often encounter the rather suspicious question, “How do you raise money for underprivileged young adults by giving away a hot rod?” We get it: it doesn’t make sense. How do you raise money by giving something away? It all works because of you, and here’s how: You shop for merchandise in our store. Maybe …

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