Welcome to Scrappy Green Truck. We’re so glad you found us and flattered that you want to know more about who we are. We are a family owned and run corporation started in an effort to combine our passions into a way of earning a living. At Scrappy we’re all about:


Few things in this world are as exciting as driving a new vehicle for the first time. The freedom. The power. The adrenaline. Whether it’s a souped-up hot rod with a black cherry candy finish or a rivet covered rat rod with a skull stick shift, these vehicles are rad. How amazing to have hot rods be our “job.”


We believe very strongly you build the community you want to live in by donating to the causes you believe in. When we don’t have money we donate time and when we don’t have time we donate money. We’ve been volunteering ourselves for non-profits for years and felt it was time to start helping in a larger way.


We have ordered our lives so family always comes first. We want to see our family as much as possible and raise our kids that way, too. What better way than with a family business. In our business our friends are also our family, they’re the family we choose (and who we hope will continue to choose us, too).