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A Car With Solar Panels?

We’ve been asking people for questions they’ve always wanted answered but never wanted to Google/research themselves. It’s lead to some fascinating questions and we’re going to do our best to provide the answers. Please note that we are by no means experts on these topics.

Our latest question from our friend Heather B. is: I swear I just saw the Batmobile! We saw a car that my kids say had solar panels on it. Have you ever heard of a Fisker?

First let’s look at what Fisker is.

A Brief History of Fisker

Fisker Automotive was created in 2007 by Henrik Fisker whose goal was to “create the first truly environmental friendly exciting car company. (Fisker) did many ‘first’ innovations, such as the first full length curved solar roof, the first vegan interior option, the first reclaimed interior wood and many more.” Henrik sold the company in 2014 and created a new company called Fisker, Inc. while the old company renamed itself Karma Automotive.

So what’s with the solar panels?

A Car with Solar Panels?

If you’ve seen a car with solar panels you are not insane. It’s the Fisker Karma, renamed the Karma Revero after 2014. These cars are available for purchase throughout the U.S. and parts of Canada, with a concentration of dealerships in Los Angeles. The claim is that the solar panels entirely power the car (not true) and that it’s a car for people who don’t “need” a car but “have to have one.” Bougie much?

Karma Revero White
White Karma Revero – Pic courtesy of AUTOGESPOT

Is it the Bat Mobile?

While it does look awesome and futuristic, it is not the Bat Mobile. It is a super luxurious hybrid vehicle that runs off a combination of solar and gasoline. Our problems with the vehicle are several:

> It claims to run solely on solar for 50 miles which is technically impossible. We don’t appreciate liars

> The company aims solely for the upper class. They have no desire to produce hybrids for the masses and while that’s entirely their prerogative as a for-profit company, we still think it stinks (Prius starts at $24,000 and Tesla at $50,000 while the Karma starts at $130,000)

> It’s supposed to be a luxury vehicle but interior, exterior, and drivability reviews all fall flat

So, while it appears to be the Bat Mobile, it most certainly is not and while it aims to impress the upper class, there doesn’t appear to be anything about it worth owning…not when you can get a Tesla for half the price and double the power.

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